Tensor Desert Series Tire

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Special Notes:

  • Please note: Tire sizes vary by machine please check your current tire and wheel size before ordering.

With thick tread blocks, ribbed sidewalls and specifically designed for the UTV teams, the Tensor Desert Series is what you need. 

  • For competition use only. NOT DOT COMPLIANT.
  • Evolution of the Regulator A/T with a softer compound 
    for superior performance under race conditions
  • Lightest 32" race tire on the market weighing in at 34.5 lbs
  • Ribbed shoulders for extra protection in puncture prone area
  • New compound provides racers with the ultimate balance between durability and performance
  • Optimum pressure range 14-18psi depending on conditions and driver preference.

32x10R15 | 1600 lbs. | 34.5 lbs. |