SDi Clutch Alignment Tool

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*Proper clutch alignment is critical to getting the most life and best performance from your CVT clutches and drive belt.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are inconsistencies in shaft spacing from the factory on the RZR XP1000.  Also, over time the engine/tranny start to sag in the middle due to the way they are bolted together and they don't always sag in a straight line.  So not only do the two shafts move closer together, they get out of angular alignment.  

The OEM alignment tool only helps check and set the distance between the engine and tranny shafts.  This is where the SDi clutch alignment tool steps in to save the day.  The SDi Clutch Alignment Tool checks the alignment in every degree of freedom, more than just checking length like the OEM tool. This assures that the belt works in the most optimal manner and that the clutch pulls in line. No service should be done without one! Save belts, money, and time by assuring proper alignment is done correctly.


Clutch Alignment Tool: Crucial for properly aligning the shafts between the motor and the transmission.

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