Razorback Pro Belt Temp Gauge 3.0 Edition

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The Razorback Technology 3.0 belt temp gauge monitors REAL belt temperatures. This gauge displays current, average, and high temperatures on a LCD screen with multi-color LED alerts. Machined from solid aluminum, this gauge boasts a smaller profile than other Razorback gauges and is completely waterproof. This gauge also uses Razorbacks new quick release sensor wiring harness that allows sensor detachment at the clutch cover.

  • Bright Sunlight Readable/Anti-Glare LCD Screen
  • Multi-Color LED Alerts
  • Average Temp Tracking
  • High Temp Tracking
  • Quick Release Wiring Harness
  • Pro Model Infrared Sensor

Belts break. It's really that simple. But if you're blowing belts every couple of hundred miles, there's something wrong. The 3.0 Edition will help you find out what that is. Using real-time belt surface temperature as an indicator of the condition/efficiency of your belt, this gauge will help you dial-in your machine and put the most power to the ground.

By riding with a Razorback Technology infrared belt temperature gauge, you'll be able to lengthen the life of your belts by avoiding damaging temperatures that essentially "bake" hours and miles off your belts.