Razorback Low Range Unlocker / Override

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Fits 2012-2017 Can-Am Mavericks & Commanders

Enjoy all the power of Sport Mode in low range with our Low Range Unlocker. This plug-n-play mod bypasses the throttle restrictions of low gear by tricking the ECU into thinking you're riding in high. Fully waterproof, this easy-to-install accessory is ready to help you unlock the fully power of your Can-Am Maverick or Commander. The Low Range Unlocker is a must for every Can-Am Maverick, or Commander owner.

  • Fools the computer into thinking you are in HIGH gear instead of being stuck at half throttle in LOW gear!
  • Bypasses Throttle Restrictions Of Low Gear
  • Undetectable Once Removed
  • Backed By A Lifetime Warranty
  • Undetectable once removed.
  • Easy 2 part install.
  • Plug n Play
  • Waterproof design means you won't short your gear position sensor in the big puddles.
  • Substantial increase in 0-40 mph acceleration.