Razorback Pro Sensor Belt Temp Gauge 2.0 Edition

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The All New Razorback Technology Belt Temperature Gauge. Get Real-Time infrared belt temperature information and warnings on Razorbacks patent pending* Belt Temp Gauge. Save money by prolonging belt life, and avoid damaged clutches by knowing when your belt is about to break.

The new UTV 2.0 Edition is now available. After a great UTV Season, Razorback has taken the data, and made the Belt Temp Gauge even better.

  • Bright Sunlight Readable/Anti-Glare LCD Screen
  • Multi-Color LED Alerts
  • Average Temp Tracking
  • High Temp Tracking
  • New Pro Model Infrared Sensor

With the 2.0 Edition, Razorback Technologies introduced some exciting new features to their revolutionary infrared belt temp gauge design. Now you can monitor not only the real-time temperature of your belt, but also keep an eye on average and high belt temperatures too. As you compare this data from ride to ride, you can actually see how your belt is holding up. 

Also new to the 2.0 Edition are the multi-color LED warning lights. Keep it in the green and you'll lengthen the life of your belt. Yellow, red, and flashing red all indicate that your belt is running way too hot and is at risk of heat damage.

The 2.0 Edition will be a valuable addition to your UTV or sled as it will help you spend less time changing belts and more time in the driver's seat.