GForce Racing Slide Guide/Belt Deflector

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This part number fits the following vehicles:

  • POLARIS RANGER RZR 4 900 2015–2017
  • POLARIS RANGER RZR 900 TRAIL 2015–2017
  • POLARIS RANGER RZR 900 XC 2015–2017
  • POLARIS RANGER RZR S 1000 EPS 2016–2017
  • POLARIS RANGER RZR S 900 2015–2017
  • POLARIS RANGER RZR XP 1000 2014–2017
  • POLARIS RANGER RZR XP 4 1000 2014–2017

The GForce Slide Guide/Belt Deflector will prolong the life of your belt in your CVT clutch system and prevent damage to the belt from the exhaust duct port. The Slide Guide specific material type, wear, and heat properties has shown an average 15-30 degree belt temp drop from less friction alone, as well as preventing any broken belts in testing so far. GForce highly recommends a new belt be used with install, as well as the clutch alignment distance be checked at 10.5" center to center on the primary and secondary shafts. Belts have a life span, like any wear item, and getting the life out of the belt can be achieved with attention to the clutch alignment and cleanliness with this product.

  • Includes all hardware and instructions.
  • Estimated install time: 30 minutes – 1 hour (requires clutch and inner clutch cover removal).
  • **This product is designated a race product and carries No Warranty against damage to product from belt breakage.